Fax2SAP is a unique solution for SAP systems, providing a way to take automatic action in SAP, according to the content of a fax or E-mail message. Using Fax2SAP a customer can automatically convert fax messages into an SAP document and attach them to an object inside SAP. Fax2SAP's automatic process can save a lot of time, prevent typing errors and increase system productivity.

Examples of Fax2SAP usage:

• Candidates for recruitment should send their resumes by fax, including their identification number. Fax2SAP identifies the candidate number from the fax message, and attaches each fax to the right candidate record in SAP HR module.

• Customers should send service requests by fax. Fax2SAP identifies the customer number, the department number and the service requester from the fax message. Then Fax2SAP opens a new PM (Plant Maintenance) notification with these details in SAP. After the notification is open, Fax2SAP attaches the fax message to the notification, so it will be kept for documentation.

• Vendors send price quotations by fax, as an answer to RFQ's (Request for Quotation). Fax2SAP automatically identifies the vendor number and the RFQ number from the fax message and attaches the fax message to the right RFQ in SAP.

How does Fax2SAP work?

• Convert fax message or mail attachments to physical file

• Identify SAP objects (i.e. vendor number, employee name, etc.) from the fax message using OCR (Optical character recognition) technology

• Automatically attach the file to the suitable SAP object as a new SAP document (sometimes this step requires Fax2SAP to automatically open a new object in SAP)

• If the fax was not clear enough to Fax2SAP and the object identifier could not be identified, the file will be kept for re-classification by human. In this case, a notification is sent to the system administrator.