Creating a user-friendly approach to SAP 

AccesSAP – Base component

AccesSAP is a component used to open an SAP application in a specific predefined point while using a simple URL. An example would include a customer details’ screen. In order to open customer 2118 details’ screen, the following link would have to be used: accessap://OpenCustomer&CustomerNo=2118.

It is very easy to load different scenarios to AccesSAP (customer, vendor, employee, production orders, etc.) and to allocate different parameters to transfer through AccesSAP.AccesSAP is based on SAP smart client, SAP GUI and uses standard SAP methods for extending and enhancing its capabilities.

AccesSAP Desktop: An example for an AccesSAP application

AccesSAP Desktop changes the manager’s way of work and is intended to be used by anyone that is not an expert with SAP.  AccesSAP Desktop enables users to arrive to a required screen inside SAP, while using the standard SAP GUI, directly from the users’ desk. 

AccesSAP puts the user directly in the required application (like a specific purchase order’s screen), so that the user does not need to be familiar with how to get to that screen through the regular path of screens and transactions that is usually long. Once the required application is shown on the user’s screen, AccessSAP Desktop will be ending the work and passing the full control back to the user. 

AccessSAP Desktop obeys SAP’s authorizations that were granted to the user.AccessSAP Desktop is placed on users’ desktop, or directly inside Microsoft Office application such as Word or Excel.

Example scenario (1): Supplier’s invoice enters the mailbox. The user right clicks the suppliers number inside the invoice, then chooses “take me to supplier” option. After this is done, the SAP application will open immediately in the relevant supplier screen.  In a similar way, clicking the invoice’s number will bring the user to SAP screen showing the invoice’s details.

Example scenario (2): A customer calls the helpdesk and asks for help.  Without using AccesSAP Desktop, the helpdesk representative is required to navigate inside a couple of SAP screens in order to locate the customer’s card in SAP. Instead, while using AccesSAP, the representative shall write the customers number in the AccesSAP window on the taskbar, then they will choose “Customer” and then “Go”, and the relevant customer card will immediately open.