DataFlower Technology In-Depth
Technologies used in DataFlower

DataFlower was developed using Microsoft tools and the following technologies:


Operating system

Windows 2003 Server



SQL Server 2005


Web server

IIS 6.0


Application framework



SAP Connectivity

Microsoft.NET Connector for SAP 2.01

Microsoft & SAP


Administration Console

VS.NET 2005/2008 – Windows Forms


Web application

VS.NET 2008 – ASP 3.5, AJAX


Connectivity to SAP systems

DataFlower uses only standard functionality to fetch data from SAP and put data back into it. Therefore, no SAP supplements like ABAP functions are required. This means that no additional code is required in SAP to work with DataFlower.

DataFlower Connector uses standard SAP functions, Remote Functions Modules (RFMs), to access data in SAP tables and SAP Business API (BAPIs) to read information from business objects in SAP.

In order to create an open system and to avoid performance issues during the data-fetching process, DataFlower will be using web services. This technology is combined with DataFlower unique algorithm to reduce performance issues. It also enables simultaneously and fast data access.

Unique algorithm to avoid performance issues

DataFlower was designed with the idea of minimal impact on SAP machine, during data transfer. Therefore by default, DataFlower will get the data when the SAP system is not loaded. A unique algorithm scans SAP systems constantly, in order to find low activity time periods during the day ("Idle time"). When DataFlower identifies that there is low activity in SAP, it will try to fetch the data.

Furthermore, DataFlower includes an algorithm to predict the impact on SAP during the data-download process. According to the results of this algorithm and low-activity finder, DataFlower will get the data from SAP immediately when asked and will split the request to different sub-queries, or will wait to an SAP Idle time to get the data.

While changing DataFlower configurations, the customer can define the level of activity in SAP, which allows DataFlower to get the data. These configurations result that DataFlower is almost unnoticeable by SAP systems and it has almost no impact on SAP.

SAP Products supported by DataFlower

mySAP 4.6C, mySAP Enterprise, mySAP Netweaver ERP 2004s, mySAPNetweaver ERP 2005, SAP BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.0 and more.