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Certify your software for SAP Netweaver

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If your software works with ERP, you can't miss it

Today, SAP is the most common ERP software in the world amongst medium and large organizations. The SAP Netweaver package is the most complete and comprehensive package among ERP software in its interfacial options. A software provider which uses any kind of ERP data (for instance: logistic data, supply chain data, financial information or data from a human resources module) cannot overlook the immense potential he or she has, if their software exchanges information with software in SAP's software package.

Hiposoft's Methodology for SAP Software Certification

Hiposoft is a software company which holds two certifications for SAP software ("Certified for SAP Netweaver" and "Powered by SAP Netweaver"). Hiposoft's experience with SAP is based on 12 years of programming and counseling experience. We speak SAP and therefore it was easier for us to perform the certifications. After the process we went through ourselves, we began performing the certification for other software companies. The main problem we discovered was the incompatibility to SAP regarding the comprehension of SAP's terminology and finding the right contact people inside SAP to confer with.

Over time, we have developed a methodology for accompanying companies with software products, which desire to be certified by SAP. The methodology includes accompanying the company, beginning from choosing the type of certification and until reception of the final certification from SAP. We advise on the decision making during the certification process, setting a time schedule and division of responsibility in the company, product design as to suit SAP requirements and preparation for the certification test. Moreover, we supply supplemental services during the certification process, such as characterization and writing of SAP Portal screens and applicative and technological advice on correct interfacing with SAP, based on SAP's regulations and recommendations.