About Hiposoft

Hiposoft is an Israeli software company specializing in advanced services for SAP and Microsoft systems through the use of leading technologies.

The company employs systems analysts and programmers for SAP and Microsoft environments who have rich and varied experiences in numerous projects.

Hiposoft serves a variety of clients in the private and public sectors in Israel and abroad. Among the areas of expertise are the following:

  • Applied characterization and development in Microsoft. NET environments
  • Characterization and development of products that are tangential to Microsoft Office applications or that operate within these applications
  • Product links to an SAP environment Development and characterization in an SAP Netweaver environment in ABAP language and JAVA
  • SAP Enterprise Portal (EP6) implementation
  • Applications of programs for complex internet and intranet

Hiposoft is an international supplier of software solutions and has acquired a number of advanced certifications.

Hiposoft CEO is Mr. Moshe Panzer and he can be reached via here.