BSignal - Event Driven SAP

BSignal turns SAP to be an event-driven system.

Up until now, SAP is considered as a report system, in which you can ask questions (queries, reports) and get answers that are either on screen, by mail, etc. When you are using BSignal, you will get full details from SAP when an important business event is really happening. For example, a financial manager can get an announcement when an invoice is issued, and the written amount is above five hundred thousand dollars. Keep in mind that this event requires immediate action. Another example is to get a message half an hour before the system falls. Getting the message half an hour before the system fails can save a lot of money.

BSignal is based on layers, for example production layers, financial layers, human resources, infrastructures, etc. Each of the layers includes logically connected business events and measurements and can be extended easily by the customer. For example, the financial layer includes events like irregular amounts of invoices and receipts, creating a bank account with strange characteristics and money transfers to another country.

Any of these events will result in an immediate announcement from BSignal to a group of users. Each announcement includes many details about the event and links to the event itself inside SAP using a simple URL (BSignal’s unique technology). In this way, the user can just switch to the real SAP environment and see/handle the relevant object when needed. An example would include the irregular invoice.

Using BSignal changes the lives of top managers. Suddenly the CFO knows what’s going on inside SAP and the infrastructure manager can track the systems’ status by mail, SMS or instant messaging such as Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger. Finally, using BSiganl makes SAP more comfortable than ever before.

Bsignal is web 2.0 ready and integrated into the organization's portal (SharePoint/SAP Enterprise Portal). That means that each announcement is tagged and graded. Therefore, in order to get a view of what’s going on inside SAP systems from a business perspective, a CEO can view the most important (i.e. top graded) messages in the last hour or any other period of time. You can also search for a specific tag, such as all messages for a customer’s name.