Professional Services

In recent years, Hiposoft has supplied computer services to various organizations and companies in the market. We believe that the relationship between the supplier and the client in the IT market should be long term and based on mutual trust. We do our best to also supply beyond the specific expertise needed, a broad perspective of needs in the light of the project's nature and the business situation of the client.

Our ability to broaden the nature of the services to the client is to also include strategic aspects stems from our varied experiences in many companies in Israel and abroad.

A Profile of Hiposoft's services includes:

  • Services of development and integration in Microsoft.NET environments through the use of the newest technologies from Microsoft
  • Development services in a SAP environment in ABAP, Microsoft.Net and JAVA languages
  • Consultation and system analysis in SAP and DotNet environments
  • Outsourcing services fields of ABAP, JAVA and Microsoft.NET
  • Development of infrastructures in an SAP environment
  • Planning and carrying out integrative solutions (including Mobile applications)
  • Training in SAP technologies
  • Assistance in connecting programming products of external suppliers to SAP